September 23, 2018
How Emily Brought Change to Set
Interviews The Deuce

How Emily Meade Started a Conversation and Brought Change to Set With an intimacy coordinator on The Deuce set, surprises are for the audience, not the actors. HBO – The Deuce’s Emily Meade, whose character Lori is “looking for trouble and fame” in New York City, and Alicia Rodis, the show’s intimacy coordinator, spoke with about making sets more

September 8, 2017
The Drop-In with Will Malnati

Emily was recently featured in the podcast, The Drop-In with Will Malnati (September 7). Check it out on iTunes here. Will is joined by Emily Meade to talk about childhood crushes, misleading show titles, internet stalking, and her new show The Deuce which starts 9/10 on HBO. Sponsor: Go to today to start your curated audio experience today!

August 3, 2016
Emily Talks “Nerve” and caving into Social Media
Interviews Nerve

Emily Meade On ‘Nerve,’ Caving Into Social Media, And Smartphone Addiction “I was silently rebelling against it and refused to let that be a factor in my career” The new techno thriller Nerve presents a version of reality that is disturbingly adjacent to ours, in which a person’s worth is judged by how many followers they have, and how those followers can make

July 28, 2016
Emily Talks Social Media and Her Own Worst Fears
Interviews Nerve

‘Nerve’ Actress Emily Meade Talks Social Media and Her Own Worst Fears The rising actress stars in a new film that highlights the price of fame in a world where social media rules all In the culturally topical teen thriller Nerve, a viral video game of the same name greets every new user with the question: Are you a watcher or